"If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air." ― Nayyirah Waheed

Learn 8 Ways You Can Improve Your Meditation Practice

Learn 8 Ways You Can Improve Your Meditation Practice

You can achieve mental peace, clarity, and stress reduction through daily meditation practice. It removes the barriers that prevent you from seeing things clearly and objectively, such as your personal biases and the effects of your previous meditation experiences.

Meditation is easy to practice, but it cannot be easy. You can try these eight techniques to improve your meditation routine and reap its rewards. Having a couple of sly little tricks up your sleeve wouldn't hurt.

Try these suggestions to improve your meditation routine:

1. Be dependable.

Make meditation a regular habit, like brushing your teeth, if you want to improve your competence. Every day, you clean your teeth at the same time. Apply the same principle to your meditation routine. Establish a daily meditation time and location.

Have a dedicated space where you can meditate you can. You can designate a portion of your home, such as a spare room, for your practice. Make it inviting and motivating.

2. Hold a lengthier session at least once every week.

Even five minutes of meditation a day can be beneficial, but something extraordinary happens when you sit for an hour or more every day. Have one or two sessions per week when you increase the sitting time by five minutes at a time until you reach an hour.

3. Don't have expectations.

When you meditate, you'll have good days and terrible days. Some days, you could sit in silence for what feels like forever. On other days, you may feel like you have no control over your thoughts because they are racing. Both are likely to happen. Be conscious and accept whatever is happening.

4. Refrain from meditating if you are tired.

It is possible to fall asleep while sitting if you practice sufficiently. It might be best if you had a quick nap and meditated later if you were severely exhausted.

5. Practice meditation all day long.

There are other places outside your cushion where you can meditate. It's simply the simplest. For example, the challenge is to meditate when sitting in a hot, busy, or stinky bus. Under those conditions, can you concentrate on your breathing and thoroughly take in your surroundings?

6. Practice meditation while fasting.

Meditation is more complicated when a substantial meal is still digesting in your stomach. You're worn out and lethargic. Try to avoid meditating while you are overly hungry. Your most productive meditation sessions will occur when you're focused and awake.

7. Try to avoid interruptions.

Close the door and inform everyone that you need an hour of silence. Turn off your phone. It's your turn now. Become in charge of it.

8. Examine group meditation.

Try practicing meditation alone if you typically meditate in groups. Although most people have a clear preference, they occasionally consider the other. You'll have a unique experience and develop new insights as a result. You might even meet a few new people.

You can improve your meditation technique whether you're a novice or an experienced practitioner. Meditation is one of the most acceptable ways to reduce stress and enhance your enjoyment of life. Think about how you can improve your ability to meditate so you can get the most out of your practice.