"If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air." ― Nayyirah Waheed

How To Ensure That You Always Live In The Present Moment

How To Ensure That You Always Live In The Present Moment

You may be already familiar with the numerous advantages of focusing on the present moment. If you focus on the here and now, you won't let the myriad mental pressures get to you.

As you shift your emphasis from the past to the here and now, you should anticipate experiencing this. However, if you've ever tried to remain in the present for an extended time, you'll notice that your mind wanders to the past and the future automatically. This is because your brain is constantly processing information.

It Takes a Lot of Practicing!

Even some brilliant thinkers who can focus on the here and now will have trouble concentrating. The more you do it, the easier it gets, but there will always be moments when you find yourself distracted.

When you first start to focus your thoughts on the here and now, you may find that you tend to feel impatient and frustrated. Frustration is counterproductive to your goals since it will only worsen the situation and prevent you from achieving them.

Consider it a positive development rather than a negative one. If you're experiencing frustration, it means that you're aware of when your mind begins to wander, and you can bring it back to the here and now.

Beginning With Reflection and Meditation

The practice of meditation focuses on bringing one's attention to the here and now. As a result, including this habit in your daily routine is a highly recommended thing to do. Also, try to meditate at approximately the same time every day for the best possible benefits. Make it a priority to do it daily if you can.

You can learn about traditional approaches to meditation by doing some research, or you can come up with your practice. It is recommended that you first find a position that allows you to sit comfortably and then begin to focus on your breathing. Because you are not in a hurry, you should breathe slowly and deeply, one at a time.

You can practice being fully in the present moment and now when you are by yourself and free from distractions by engaging in meditation. You'll be able to distinguish between periods when your mind is more active and when you're more at ease with yourself.

As soon as you have achieved mastery over this awareness, you may start to apply your talents to other parts of your day so that you can increase the amount of time that you spend living in the here and now.

Spending time on yourself as a priority

Making time for ourselves appears to be one of the most challenging barriers to present-moment thinking, even though the idea itself sounds very straightforward.

You might try to convince yourself that it's time to meditate, but your mind will keep nagging you to finish one more chore before it's time for bed. As soon as you realize it, you start to feel that you don't have any additional time for yourself. Now is the time to assert yourself and make this a top priority. Put your foot down.

Putting Those Present Moment Skills Into Action in Everyday Life

The next thing you need to do is practice while going about your day's everyday activities. At various points, it is natural for you to want to reference both your past and your future.

It is reasonable to anticipate this; nonetheless, you should make every effort to prevent your mind from wandering to other times or places than the present. After you have completed your choices, taking into account both the past and the future as appropriate, proceed with your life in the here and now.

After you have become proficient in some meditation techniques, you should experiment with meditating during the times of the day when you are engaged in activities that are performed automatically. Stay present as you brush your teeth or wait for the coffee to be ready rather than allowing your attention to wander off into other thoughts or places.

As you continue to train, you will become aware of an increasing number of situations in which you can remain in the present moment. Take advantage of these possibilities whenever you get the chance, and you will be rewarded in various ways.