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The Truth Behind the Brain Evolution System – Product Review

Brain Evolution System Product ReviewIt calls itself the “most powerful self-development technology on earth.” I had to find out…

Just slip on a pair of headphones to eradicate stress, sharpen your thinking, and boost your mood. At least, that’s what the box says.

Yes, I’m talking about the Brain Evolution System (“BrainEv”) – a 6-Mp3 brainwave meditation program that has been taking the self-development industry by storm since its release back in 2006.

On the surface, its goals seem similar to Holosync, Optimindzation, and other similar brainwave CDs. The intention is to help lower your brainwaves – guiding you into a deep state of mind, so you can quickly enjoy the many benefits of long-term meditation.

But, as many of us have found out, many of these CDs simply don’t work. They require massive amounts of time, cost big dollars to purchase, and can be incredibly, incredibly boring.

So was BrainEv really any better? I personally put it to the test.

For six whole weeks, I tried out the program. Listening for 30 minutes a day, six times a week, I gave it a truly fair trial.

Yet strangely, unlike other programs, I almost instantly felt a difference with BrainEv. Yes, it was different and seemed to be very effective.

That’s not really something I like to share. As a near-veteran in the self-development world, it’s rare to discover something that can have such profoundly immediate effects.

However, without a doubt, after each session, I felt more in control, more focused and more relaxed.

It’s hard to describe exactly: I felt a general shift in my overall state even throughout the work day, rather than feeling like a “totally different” person.

Within the first week, I was feeling less stressed and more energetic overall. Despite typically sleeping for nine hours each night and STILL feeling groggy, I was now sleeping just six – and waking up feeling great. My mind was feeling sharper than ever before, and I could sense a greater level of awareness.

Being a closet skeptic, I tried not to credit the change to BrainEv – but there’s no denying that it all started the moment I began the program.

Shifting in a few weeks, and friends began talking about my apparent new-found sense of well-being. I had close buddies comment on my “soaring energy levels” and “obvious Zen calmness.” These are things that can’t be scientifically measured – but are most definitely seen and felt.

The support videos, follow-up e-mail messages and online support all made the journey even more enjoyable. It’s nice to see a company using modern media to communicate – rather than just a post on a website, or long wait times or no answer at all when you call with questions.

After my first month, I shifted to Level 2.

I’d become so familiar with Level 1, and its oh-so-relaxing sounds, that Level 2 was a confusing landscape. I didn’t want to shift. And yet within a couple of days, those sounds became my new nirvana – and I really felt them gently ‘working out’ my brain muscle for me.

Two weeks into Level 2, and I’m finding myself thinking faster than before, enjoying a greatly improved memory, feeling totally stress-free (something I could never completely do before), and being more creative and imaginative than ever.

And you know something? I did a bad thing…

Because when I set out to review the Brain Evolution System, I had already categorized it alongside Holosync, Hemi-Sync, Optimindzation, and all of the other brainwave entrainment products out there. I had decided ahead of time that it was a probable waste of time.

But I was wrong. BrainEv is very different.

Is the Brain Evolution System truly the most powerful self-development tool in the world?

I don’t know about that. But it’s certainly the most powerful brainwave meditation program I’VE ever stumbled across.

My verdict: 10 out of 10. Great program, amazing benefits, beats the competitors. Highly recommended!

Official Website: http://www.BrainEV.com

Free MP3 demo: http://www.BrainEV.com/gift/

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