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A Quick 10-Minute Mommy Meditation Method

10-Minute Meditation for Moms to Reduce Stress

The demands of motherhood are exhausting and can be overwhelming at times. When we are always thinking about the wants and needs of our little ones, we no longer find the time to take care of ourselves.

This guided meditation is designed to help mothers regain some peace of mind and reconnect with our selves. Try to practice this short meditation to cultivate patience and relieve any motherly stresses.

Quick 10-Minute Mommy Meditation MethodUse this quick meditation method to find yourself some inner peace no matter how much time you have during the day.

You can use this simple meditation method whether you’ve got 30 minutes while the baby catches a few winks. Or just five minutes while waiting for your daughter to hop off the school bus. Here’s a great, effective and simple relaxation method that any busy mom can do.

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5-Minute Breathing Focus Meditation Method

Instead of letting your mind skip from worry to worry, let your mind get in sync with your breathing. You can do this anywhere, whether you’re sitting on the subway or waiting at the doctor’s office. It counteracts the stress and negative effects of the fight-or-flight response, Just watch your breath in and out through your nose. Notice the rise and fall of your stomach for five to ten minutes.

Start with a five-minute session and increase up to ten minutes when you’re ready. The optimum meditation time is twenty minutes twice a day. Set a timer or download a meditation timer to your phone or Mp3 player.

10-Minute Meditation Method

Meditation doesn’t have to be a scary concept. Take a quick “Zen 10,” or meditation session, to calm anxiety and an overactive mind. You can try this Loving-Kindness Meditation For Moms when things get rough during a high-stress day.

Next time you feel the onset of a mommy meltdown, take these steps, and you will feel the benefits inside and out. “Sit up tall at the edge of a chair, and situate your feet hip-width apart. Place your hands on your thighs, palms facing down, and close your eyes.

Inhale and exhale deeply while mentally repeating the mantra ‘Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile.’ Do this for as long as you need or you feel the sensation of relief settle into your mind and body.

Allow yourself to smile if it feels natural. After about six minutes or so, let go of the mantras and just simply observe your breath until you bring yourself back to reality several minutes later. Use a timer if needed to guide you and allow yourself to really relax into this simple meditation method process.